I am going for more (Simone Sá Pinto)

Amigos leitores hoje peço desculpas aos que não dominam o inglês pois Ooo Garra é uma poesia de minha autoria em inglês. Costumo traduzir letras de música aqui o tempo todo, mas traduzir algo meu simplesmente não consigo. Pari assim. Como Ooo Garra é diário, quem não puder aproveitar esse…. Amanhã tem mais.

The best - ConeyIsland,NY

I am going for more

(Simone Sá Pinto)

Why sometimes my heart seams so big

To have a share to everyone, and

Sometimes even knowing that it is big

I feel like it will explode?


Explode of happiness

Explode of sadness

Explode of falling in love with the new things I’m learning

Explode of love ‘cause I’m capable of be in,

Fall in,

Love in different ways.

Explode of anxiety,

I know it is no good, but so what

I’m energetic and active


Wow, tell me how

To live like you are on a roller coaster

Being cool at the same time!

Having your heart bumping high,

And trying to breath, think, look around, and smile calm.

Do you have an idea how heavy can it be?


I don’t wanna discharge my vigorous side

It moves me,

Makes me interesting,

Makes me be creative.

But also don’t wanna get insane

Not seeing nuances of life around me.

Having, everything turning around and,

Important things just passing by.


I will not be able to go back in time.


No. Not anymore.

I’ve change a lot

But fell in my heart that I need more




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